Surprises Are What We Live For

On Friday, Hilary and I went to O’Dowds on the Plaza to watch some friends of mine play a set. At around 10:30pm,  the crowd parted and suddenly our friends were replaced by 4 new musicians. It took a second for me to realize who was on stage, but once I did, my heart sank.

Hil and I that evening ... with One Republic on stage a foot away

In a little bar in Kansas City, with about 50 other patrons … One Republic had an impromptu ‘secret’ show. It was random, amazing, and one of the biggest surprises I’ve had in my life. Hilary and I stood about a foot away from the stage while Ryan Tedder sang a medley of covers, along with their hits “Apologize” and “Secrets”.

During his medley, we were right in front of the stage.

Words cannot describe how much respect I have for a band who is willing to take the time to create a moment like that for their fans. Afterwards, I immediately called musician friends I’ve made while working for MTV and made them promise that they’d do the same while they were in town.

Life is about surprises. They are the beautiful little bandaids and stitches that hold together our lives and relationships when they’re in danger of splitting apart.

Without surprises, good or bad, life would be incredibly boring. People can surprise you, life can surprise you … and of course, with a little change in attitude, – the greatest occurrence is when you surprise yourself.

Side Note: Nobody wants to hear this, but sometimes the person you want most … is the person you’re best without.
Promises mean everything, but once you break them, “I’m sorry” means nothing.
Actions also mean everything, and are the only way to mend a broken promise and move on.


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