Writer’s Block

I don’t know what to write here anymore.

Life has been … interesting. I hate writing about mundane life nonsense, but that’s about what I have these days.

Lucy’s Dad has been gone for 7 months now. In many ways, it feels like he was never here. It’s so strange to imagine that she also belongs to another person when you do everything by yourself.

I got a job at NASA’s JPL – something I always dreamed of. I get to serve as an ambassador for the Association and teach the community about everything involving current/future missions and space science. It’s my dream and I am so thrilled. I’ve also been doing freelance makeup again – something to express my artistic side and get on PR lists for free new makeup. It’s worked out so far.

Lucy is  … well, she’s 2. Some days she’s a nightmare, some days she’s angelic. It takes us 2 hours to leave the house most days, so we don’t leave often. It’s easy to feel extremely alone and isolated.

Some days I get so overwhelmed, I can’t breathe. I don’t have anyone who can watch her here, so we have to do everything together. With my back surgery looming, it makes any activity where I have to lift her near impossible (that includes her carseat). I work when she sleeps/plays… she seems to take it easy on me when I have bad days. I don’t know, I guess I’m doing the best I can. I wish I had more friends here – particularly Mom friends.

And so, that’s my update for now. This blog still gets plenty of hits, and I feel like I’ve tapped out on fresh content. I’ll try and be better about that now that I’m working and motivated.

Sigh. So tired – I can barely see the page. Lucy is screaming because she’s scared of the dark – and it’s 11pm. I’m just … done. Sigh. Another day, another start.